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Hi, I’m Alicia Kennedy with Ace the Interview and I help motivated professionals find and land their dream jobs. Whether you’re a career executive, fresh out of college, changing industries or returning to the workforce after a long break, I’ll coach you on what it takes to be successful in your search, and prepare for interviews in a way that has you feeling confident, comfortable and ready to win the job.

At Ace the Interview, we provide clarity to all aspects of your job search, and dissolve interview nerves with a more conversational approach. Our personalized coaching brings calmness, focus and communication skills to help you reach your next professional goal.

Get ready to feel good about yourself and your search. Your dream job is waiting for you.


Why Ace The Interview

We help clients find better jobs and get hired faster…and we’re not afraid to have some fun doing it!  So if you’re looking for your dream job or need to secure a new position fast to support your family, Ace the Interview gives you the tools, training and tactical plan to take your job search to the finish line.  

At Ace the Interview, we bring personal attention and a focused calm to your unique situation. Our customized coaching gives you a leg up on the competition – improving your odds at every opportunity and positively affecting your financial future.  

You’ll soon feel a sense of relief from the overwhelm of job hunting and a newfound pride in your professional accomplishments.  From traditional marketing tactics and productivity habits, to psychology, EQ and Improv…we’ll employ it all to make you better.  You’ll become more relaxed, conversational and clear in your personal message of what you do better than any other.  Knowing one’s gifts and how to share those in a compelling way is very empowering.  It’s so much easier to build connections, trust and relationships with both interviewers and networking contacts from this place.  We invite you to invest in this best version of you.  

 A client’s a-ha moment:  “I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know and wasn’t doing until I worked with Ace.”  (An Ivy League Grad who landed her dream job as a result)

Easy as 1, 2, 3


Discover & Prepare

We’ll identify your core strengths and relevant experience to best match your skills with the employer’s needs.  You’ll learn how to communicate persuasively on paper, in person and to every job search connection.


Practice & Polish

It’s time to role-play the actual interview – including all those common and hard-to-answer questions. We’ll polish your skills until it feels natural, comfortable and truly representative of you.


Follow Up, Learn & Press On

Every connection and interview offers an opportunity to learn and improve your skills for next time.  We’ll review and adapt your efforts to drive success. 

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Fast Results

Get ready to shift your job search into high gear with a 30-minute power session with Alicia Kennedy. This personal attention on your specific job search challenges or interview struggles will help you instantly improve your odds of getting hired.

One client’s experience: “I didn’t know how much I was missing in my job search by only looking online!” Insights from Ace the Interview will make your job search activities more productive and rewarding.

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Alicia Kennedy

A marketer by trade, Alicia Kennedy used to market products…now she markets people. “My superpower as a coach is the ability to quickly identify your greatest strengths, then teach you how to communicate those gifts and present the best version of you.”

With a love of marketing that’s spanned 20 years, Alicia Kennedy has worked with Fortune 500 clients, mentored colleagues, promoted local businesses, trained teams on marketing and communication skills, interviewed candidates for hire, and landed her own dream job more than once.

Alicia works with a few clients in a deep way – formulating a focused job search plan for you and developing all communication elements to consistently highlight your best attributes and create the perfect fit for the position you seek. Target marketing at its best!