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Listen in as host, Louie Michaelson interviews Alicia Kennedy, from Ace the Interview, on his weekday talk show highlighting business experts in the area of career coaching services and support. Thank you, Louie! Stay tuned for our upcoming 30-minute radio segments on...

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Resume Before/After

With only six seconds to capture the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter, your resume needs to communicate the best version of you – quickly, clearly and in a compelling way that gets you noticed. Ace the Interview helps you discover and present your professional strengths and accomplishments in a way that highlights your fit for the position. 

Brian T

CFO/Senior Exec

Unique blend of strong financial experience and marketing savvy

A smart, experienced CFO who needed more focus on his accomplishments, instead of simply job tasks and responsibilities. We highlighted Brian’s many financial contributions to a company’s bottom line, process improvements, and his unique ability to make numbers/financial statements understandable to everyone…even franchisees!

Jenna B

Ivy League Grad

Went from frustrated with her options to landing her dream job!

This Ivy Leaguer wisely used campus career services to prepare for graduation and her first real job hunt. While this gave her a great base, Jenna needed guidance in how to diversify her search and custom-target all communications (not just cover letters). Jenna had a few resume versions targeted by industry, and this one helped land her dream job!

Stephen A

Project Manager

Demonstrated his profitabilty tool for managing jobs and timely completions.

Project managers are a dime a dozen…but good ones are hard to find. Stephen’s new resume highlighted his strong management skills, expert craftsmanship, and the profitability calculator he developed and used to run every job on time and at a healthy profit.

Wendy H

Full Time Mom

Returns to work after staying at home for 15 years and living abroad.

Living all over the world for an extended period of time left Wendy feeling she had no marketable job skills, despite her education degree. She went from having only a short list of professional positions, to becoming a confident storyteller of her classroom and international experiences, both on paper and in person.